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Mar 15, 2013 6:00am EDT
and incredibly healthy. still drives his ford f-150. abouttiful car i think obamacare, the independent payment advisory board bad breaks the link between a patient and doctor. i want my family making the decision for my grandfather. i don't want 15 unelected bureaucrats making the decision for my grandfather's future. i want that to be a family decision. [applause] i know we are going to do it right. and communicate the impact of obamacare, we talk about that, we find ourselves having a conversation with the american people that they truly do not like obamacare prevent why they're on our side, because we in america are conservatives, without any question. we are conservative nation going in the right direction. i think about taxes. how many feel we are taxed too little in the federal government? spend it took we much in the federal government? [applause] i remember when i first started running for congress a couple years ago. i started talking about taxes and revenue streams and the budget. i started talking about the fact that we were spending $3.40 trillion. what i would say to get people to
Mar 20, 2013 8:00pm EDT
.s. ambassador to syria, robert ford, testified at a house foreign affairs committee along with state department and usaid officials examining the u.s. response to the syrian civil war. this is two hours and 15 minutes. >> this hearing will come to order to sto. we need to review the syrian crisis. it was two years ago last week on the nightly news that we saw those protesters walking through .he street, chanting, peaceful what the world saw next without the syrian forces opened up with small arms fire on the marchers. over the ensuing weeks, that was followed by materially -- artillery barrage is and tanks and aerial apartment and finally i scud missiles into cities. two years into that syria and uprising. years, u.s. policy has been a drift. the obama administration saw assad as a reformer in the works. then at that on to play a constructive role. toand then it bet on moscow play a constructive role. this is the assad who is bombing villages in syria. this is the assad who is ordering teenagers tortured. frankly, he is engaged in murdering his populist. the ancient city is now in ruins. 70,000
Mar 20, 2013 1:00am EDT
ford to testify about the on going to go your conflict. live coverage begins at 9:45 eastern on c-span 3. later in the day on c-span 3, been bernanke will hold a news conference at -- after the federal reserve's two day meeting on the economy wraps up. that begins at 2:30 eastern time. >> coming up, the head of immigration and customs enforcement testifies about the release of nearly 2000 immigrants because of budget constraints. the 2014 budget plan put out by chairman paul ryan would balance the budget in 10 years and put in place medicare changes. the chamber should finish work on boating on the measure on wednesday. here is tuesday's debate. mr. ryan: i bring forward and present the budget resolution for the fiscal year 2014. we believe that we owe the american people a responsible balanced budget and that is precisely what we are bringing to the floor today. our budget balances the budget within 10 years and it does so without raising taxes. balancing the budget will help us foster a healthier economy, it will help us create jobs. in fact, two leading economists released a st
Mar 13, 2013 8:00pm EDT
$12,000 for public four year, over $32,000 for a private university. a ford higher education, more than 70% -- to afford higher education in pennsylvania, more than 70% of students take out loans. pell grants make a big difference. cutting programs really disadvantages are students and their families -- cuting ptin pl grants really disadvantages our students and their families. let's do what is right for businesses, families and the next-generation and make sure they can afford to go to college and borrow the money the hey need. >> i will resist the temptation to compare the cost we are adding to the burden of students to the benefits we are giving to the grantwood family from indiana but i will talk about the reality of what is happening in this country. the government is lending money to city group and bank of america and morgan stanley at zero interest rates. they are taking that money and lending it to their best clients at 3%. what we're talking about today is saying we are not going to take that same benefit with the students to borrow money in this country to advance themsel
Mar 19, 2013 8:00pm EDT
-- opposition forces accuse each other of using chemical weapons against each other. robert ford will testify about the ongoing two-year conflict tomorrow morning. live coverage begins at 9:45 eastern on c-span 3. later on the day on c-span 3, the fed chairman and bernanke will hold a news conference after the federal reserve posta two day meeting on the economy wraps up. live coverage begins at 2:30 eastern time. >> the winners have been selected in this year's c-span documentary the grand prize winner is joshua stokes. shimp won second prize. a group of students from knoxville won first prize for their documentary on public transportation. watch the winning videos each day next month on c-span and see all the documentary's at >> next, speaker john boehner and house republicans talk about their 2014 budget and the chances of an immigration bill passed in this congress. from capitol hill, this is 10 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. this is a good week for house republicans because this is the week where we bring to the country are responsible, balanced budget.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5